A term meant to convey a person's inability to make sense of the numbers that run their lives. Innumeracy was coined by cognitive scientist Douglas R Hofstadter in one of his Metamagical Thema columns for Scientific American in the early nineteen eighties. Later that decade mathematician John Allen Paulos published the book Innumeracy. In it he includes the notion of chance as well to that of numbers.

Some book suggestions

Innumeracy : Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences ... John Allen Paulos
The book that made innumeracy a household word. This book was written with the hope of shining some light on this issue. Many numeracy concepts are explored and explained.

200% Of Nothing : An Eye-Opening Tour Through the Twists and Turns of Math Abuse and Innumeracy .... A. K. Dewdney
This book further explores numbers and has many examples of math abuse. In it he explains the many ways that numbers can be twisted and used to trick you.


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